One of CTKC School, and now the Diocesan Catholic High School’s, biggest events of the year, Grand Day, gives us a chance to thank our extended families for the support they give our CTK & DCHS students and our school communities.  This year’s 15th Annual Grand Day celebration is Friday, October 11th  Grandparents, or special Grand-Friends, will receive personalized invitations from students to visit the school campus for special activities.

Highlights of Grand Day events include:  All School Mass in the Cathedral at 8:15am, followed by the Welcoming Reception in the CTK Café & a performance by CTKC School students and high school performing arts students in the school gym at 9:30am.  After the performance, guests are encouraged to visit students’ classrooms to see student work and displays, and then a noon dismissal for all students.

Each student will create personalized Grand Day invitations during class to send to their own grandparents or grand-friends, and we will mail these from the school around Sept. 27th.  If grandparents have international addresses, we will return invitations home for parents to apply the appropriate international postage for mailing.

Many families have already entered grandparent addresses into individual parent RenWeb accounts.  If this is the case for your family, we will send home these addresses on record for your review.  If you have additional grandparents/grand-friends that you would like your student(s) to send Grand Day invitations to, we have two options for you to provide those addresses.  The first option is to provide grandparents/grand-friends’ addresses by filling out the form on the back of the address notice to return to your student’s teacher.  The second option is to visit this website: and fill out the form online.  Your responses will automatically be sent to us if you fill out the online form.  BOTH OPTIONS TO SUBMIT INFORMATION ARE DUE NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, 9/20!

Please have each of your students bring back this form, and if applicable, the grandparent list attached, to his/her teacher or have the form filled out online by Friday, 9/20. We encourage students to invite grandparents and grand-friends even if they might not be able to attend.  We’ve found that our Grands really enjoy receiving mail from their grandchildren!

Volunteer opportunities are available to help with your family’s required 20 volunteer hours for this school year.  We will need parents to help with greeting prior to mass and at the reception.  Contact Christy Duran at the school office at 795-8283 or via e-mail if you are available to volunteer.