We hope you have been collecting box tops over the summer and early weeks of school.  As you might know, there are dozens of products that include the magenta box tops coupons on their packaging.  Clip these coupons to collect for your student to turn into their teacher once per month.  Coupons will be turned into the Box Tops redemption center and turned into cash for our school!  Collection dates have been set – and the first one will be Friday, Oct. 19th.  Teachers will have collection bins in their rooms for your convenience.  The class with the most box tops collected by Christmas break will win a prize!

Parents are also encouraged to download the Box Tops Bonus App on their phones to earn extra cash for the school!  Though these bonus dollars won’t count towards the class incentives, it still benefits the school.   Search the app store for “Box Tops Bonus App” and download today!