Each school year the Volunteer Center of Lubbock hosts HYPE (Helping Youth Purposefully Engage), a program for high school juniors.  This program was put in place to develop young leaders from different backgrounds and school experiences. Participants attend monthly all-day sessions from September through April to receive leadership training and community knowledge.  In the spring of each year, sophomores can apply for the following school year’s program and are selected by a Volunteer Center committee.

Recently, this year’s participants graduated from the program and next year’s participants were introduced.  Congratulations to juniors Lukas Moreno, Katie Majors and Kilian James.   Four CTK sophomores were selected to participate in next year’s program!  Congratulations to Emily Stathos, Kelly Wang, Seth Hancock, and Jo Xu who will represent CTKC School in HYPE for the 2019-2020 school year.