The CTK Garden program mission is to help kids learn where their food comes from and feed the hungry as an active social justice ministry.

Family Service Garden Time: We host monthly service days. This is an opportunity for any garden upkeep or improvement projects. As a bonus parents can learn, just like your children, how to grow your own food. There are no skills or tools required. We look forward to turning your thumb green! Family service is usually on Saturday mornings but as it gets cooler in the winter and spring we will move to afternoons.

  • September 21st from 8:30-10:30 am
  • October 19th from 9-11 am
  • November 16th from 9-11 am
  • December: TBD

Planting fall crops: Pre-K has planted peas in the front beds and the 7th grade garden elective has planted several cool season crops in the courtyard. We are still enjoying some of our summer crops (e.g., tomatoes and peppers started by last year’s third grade and herbs started by 5th grade)  but we also look forward to pulling carrots and radishes in a couple of months (it’s like Christmas for kids!).

Foodie Friday Success: We had our first Foodie Friday last week and we had Southwestern Black Bean salad with black beans, corn, and several other summer vegetables chopped up. More than 100 students and faculty tried it and 84% liked it. We also tried Rosemary Lemon infused water with Rosemary from our own St. Francis Pollinator garden. More than 180 students and faculty tried it and 84% liked it too. We will be offering Rosemary Lemon water as a special treat on Fridays to help kids drink more water and put our enormous Rosemary bushes to good use!

Share the harvest: We made our first produce donation last week to the Catholic Charities Family Services Food Pantry. Every first Friday we will be sending a group to Catholic Charities with produce so if you have any you would like to share from your home garden please send them on Friday, October 4th and we can bring it to their food pantry. Consider planting extra next time to donate the produce to Catholic Charities or the South Plains Food Bank!

CTK Garden continues to help kids learn where their food comes from and feed the hungry. Please check out the CTK Garden Facebook page or Instagram (@ctkschoolgarden) for updates and photos. For questions or more information about the CTK Garden please contact Dr. Jessica Tullar Caroom ( or Dr. Chaloupka (