The CTK Garden program mission is to help kids learn where their food comes from and feed the hungry as an active social justice ministry.

Our covers were on before the freeze thanks to help at Family Service Day!  Thanks so much to our five families that came out last weekend! We got all the plastic replaced on the raised bed covers. We also added some fresh cedar mulch to the St. Francis pollinator garden. Anyone can come help at Family Service Days; no skills or tools required. We usually do some planting and general maintenance around the beds. We look forward to turning your thumb green! We will be moving our family service days to the afternoons now that the weather has turned cooler.

  • November 16th (3:30pm-5:30pm)
  • December: TBD

Share the harvest: Every first Friday we send fresh produce, dried herbs, and cracked pecans  to Catholic Charities Family Services Food Pantry. If you have any produce from your garden you would like to share please send them on Friday, November 1st and we can bring it to their food pantry. Consider planting extra next time to donate the produce to Catholic Charities or the South Plains Food Bank!

Harvest before the Freeze: 4th grade harvested 11 and a half pounds of green tomatoes from the front beds before the hard freeze last week. We save this activity for 4th grade because they started tomato and pepper plants last April when they were 3rd graders. The students got to taste green peppers last week and we will use these tomatoes to make green salsa (by popular request) for the foodie Friday activity tomorrow.

CTK Garden continues to help kids learn where their food comes from and feed the hungry. Please check out the CTK Garden Facebook page or Instagram (@ctkschoolgarden) for updates and photos. For questions or more information about the CTK Garden please reach out to Dr. Jessica Tullar Caroom ( or Dr. Chaloupka ( are also happy to answer any questions.