Earlier in October, High School Principal Eric Gray sent the following message via e-mail to school families, students and staff asking for input to assist with planning for the future of the Diocese of Lubbock Catholic High School.  If you have not taken the time to give your input, it is not too late!  In addition to current families and students, anyone associated with the school – past, present, or even the future – is welcome to share your thoughts.  Thank you in advance for your prayerful input!


Dear Students, Parents, Guardians, and Staff,

The first quarter is finished and we are facing the short quarter on our way through Thanksgiving Break to Christmas and the end of the first semester.  It will be here rather quickly.  The weather is cooler and beckons us to go outside and enjoy the fresh air with a little bit of cotton dust for spice!  As I have maneuvered my way through this first quarter, many great things have happened in the school.  We have a new school board, dedicated simply to the high school.  Individual students have achieved beyond what last year saw, with faculty working overtime helping them catch up and succeed. There is much change in the air, not just with the seasons.

Our new but temporary name, Diocese of Lubbock Catholic High School, is waiting to be permanently replaced.  I have been charged with facilitating the makeover of our name, mascot, school colors, mission statement, motto and all the rest as we continue as a separate entity from Christ the King Cathedral School.  Please find attached a link to a short but important survey.  I ask that you do put some thought into the survey.  This is for staff, parent and student alike.  For staff and parents who were not at this school (not alumni), please answer the questions from the perspective that you have as parents and staff hoping for a good education for the children, rather than as one that actually experienced the education from within the system as a student.  There are some restrictions on answers as we move forward.  In an attempt to move forward, we are told that we are leaving the name Christ the King and the mascot of Trojans behind us.  We are looking forward to being a diocesan school and developing as a diocesan school, but retaining the good practices and traditions as best we can without clinging to the past.  We remember, but we move forward for the good of the school and our students in the changing world that it is in a fast developing Lubbock, Texas.  We look to address the signs of the times, the issues of today, but also those looming tomorrow that we can foresee.  That will ensure not only a Catholic high school presence, but a decisive and influential Catholic high school presence.  Before you fill out the survey, please pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance so that your answers may be as truthful and productive as possible to our efforts to keep up the good work moving forward. Thank you for your time and help with this.  Here is the link.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5VZMXFQ .

God bless us everyone! Enjoy the cooler weather and the Fall Festival this Friday!  Don’t forget the early dismissal and the evening festival.  You who are the school are in my prayers daily.  Thank you for inviting me here to be a part of it.

Your friendly neighborhood Diocese of Lubbock Catholic High School principal,

Eric B. Gray