About Service Hours Reportbest private schools

As a boost for the community, this Lubbock private school requires volunteer time. This should be seen as a chance for everyone to not only help others, but also as a chance to connect with others in our school community.  As such,  work will be logged through your Ren Web account to help everyone keep track of their donation of time. Again, we see this as a chance to connect with our school community as well as a chance to guide young students to reach out. Students will learn about their community and interact in new ways that will create memories.

20 hours of service per family(10 hours for single parent households) is required for each school year. Volunteer opportunities will be made available via the school website, Home & School newsletters, and the CTK Connection newsletter throughout the school year. A minimum of half of required hours should be volunteering at activities (versus donated goods or monetary donations). RenWeb will be used to report your hours under the Parent Service Hours section. Fees could be charged at the end of the school year for incompleted hours of volunteer work.

We would like to thank our families for helping our Lubbock private school give back. It not only strengthens our bond with our community and faith but also helps to show love and compassion.

How to Submit your Volunteer Hours

RenWeb submitted Volunteer hours

Log into your parent RenWeb account. Then, click on the Family Information tab on the left side of the screen. At this point, choose “Family Profile” from the drop-down options. Click on the name of the parent who performed the volunteer hours towards the middle of the screen. Afterward, Click on the “Service Hours” tab to the right of the names’ section. Then click on the “Add Service Hours” tab. You will then fill out a form for hours completed. Lastly, click save to complete the process, and leave the “Verified By” blank.