With the success of our school and your students in mind, CtK has created a strategic plan. Outlined on this page are guidelines to goals to help everyone to support both our school and your family.

School Excellence

  • With attention to, continue to support development of Christ the King Cathedral School
  • Also, support school-sponsored activities of all students
  • As well as, offer support in all learning areas of CTK education


Teacher Support & Appreciation

  • Promote Teacher Appreciation events (annual dinner, luncheons, birthdays, etc.)
  • Accordingly, provide teacher aid at the beginning & middle of the school year for teaching supplies
  • Continue to promote underwriting for teacher and student actions that improve school and student leadership development
  • Inspire as many Teacher/Student/Parent suggestions as possible
  • Furthermore, support ways to increase our teacher interaction in NCEA


Parent Pride

  • Raise parent support in Home & School activities
  • Especially, Help parents feel “connected” to CTK through discussion, social events, and membership meetings
  • Focus on volunteer (service) hours and guide, report, and recognize parents
  • Also, seek ways to boost parent interaction



  • Promote fundraising events to provide the funds for CTK school progress and school sponsored activities
  • As well as, boost parent support in all areas of fundraising
  • Also, Create more outlets to raise funds
  • Raise parent awareness of Home & School’s donations to CTK through discussions on budgeting and business.
  • Lastly have FUN with all our efforts and adventures!