Scope of Christ the King Parent-Student Handbook

Students and parents are always expected to behave in ways reflective of the ideals of the Christ the King Cathedral School Community. We ask this so that situations do not arise that will interrupt the education process. With this in mind, faculty, staff, and administration will be the judges as to what is appropriate in all facets of campus life. Also, acceptable and unacceptable behavior policies extend past was what is written within the handbook. As a result administrators of CtK have the final decision on matters regarding the handbook. Therefore, administration made aware of CtK student involvement involving dangerous and/or illegal behavior it will be addressed. Thus, our mission is to partner with parents in the protection, education, and formation of their students.

With attention to the school’s mission and program seek to align with the values of our parents and students. Accordingly, our parents and students should contribute positively to the academic and religious environment of the school. However, should these standards not be reasonable for a parent or student of CtK the administration will ask the family to seek educations in a more suitable environment.

At the present time, parents and students are obligated to study this handbook in order to become fully familiar with its content. Students education at CtK is taken very seriously. Again, we ask all students and family that you do your best to follow set guidelines.

Finally, once you have thoroughly read over the student handbook, please complete and return the acknowledgment form.

We are currently updating the Parent-Student Handbook.   Your updated version of the handbook will be posted prior to the first day of the 2017-18 school year.

Parent Student Handbook
Acknowledgment Form